We put the outing in scouting


Monday Night meetings 7pm Traders Point Church Room 234

For over 50 years, Troop 69 has been chartered to Traders Point Christian Church, located on the Western edge of Zionsville, Indiana.  We are part of the Monon District and the Crossroads of America Council.  Our Scouts and Scouters are proud members Firecrafter and the Order of the Arrow.

Our Troop is truly a “Boy Led” troop: our young men set the programs and schedules, and they also organize and run their own campouts.  The young men of our troop elect the youth leaders annually in August. The young men of Troop 69 lead.

Troop 69 believes strongly that we are "Makin' Men!" We spend time reflecting on our character and the type of Troop we want to be: we believe that being a man requires not just physical strength, but spiritual strength, and mental strength as well.

Troop 69 meets on Monday nights, year round, camps each month, and goes to Summer Camp the first full week after the Fourth of July.  Check out our Calendar for the current schedule of meetings and activities.  You are always welcome at our meetings! Please, drop by and see us!

In August Troop 69 celebrated a group Eagle Court of Honor for 4 of our newest Eagle Scouts - Ben G., Hayden N., Andrew D., and Ryan R.
Also in August we welcomed our new Patrol Leader Council and they had a great time training for their new positions

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